The Word

I found a word
It was quite small
In fact it wasn’t
much at all
But when I added
it to others
It blossomed with
it’s new found brothers

And suddenly
this little word
turned into something
Lines were blurred
And it became
just like a flower
Blossoming to
a thing with power


Photo – Jempics


The tree was so majestic
and very, very tall
So when I stood beneath it
I felt very, very small
The mass of green above me
with branches spreading wide
overpowered my senses
and I felt small inside

I felt in awe and humble
in the presence of such might
with me so insignificant
so tiny and so slight
Yet here was no malevolence
as, whilst I gazed above
I felt the beauty of that power
embraced in arms of love



A fragile morning

A fragile morning found me
fragile that I am
and gently took me to the day
to prove it was no sham
I leant upon its shoulders
It supported me right there
and showed me a bright sunrise
as I squinted in the glare
Fragility abandoned me
and, stronger by the hour
I took on board the sunshine’s might
Stood tall within its power


The voice of the ocean

Once again as it has
throughout all these years
the voice of the ocean
came to dry all my tears
It spoke and it healed
as it washed over me
And its salt-crested waves
gathered me to the sea
The voice of the ocean
as healer and friend
one to which I’ll return
always in the end


Like a wave

Sometime a whisper
or maybe a shout
Occasionally quiet
but mostly a lout
Always moving
restless, unstill
Rising and breaking
and crashing at will
Demanding respect
its power complete
Ignored at one’s peril
with anger replete
Chameleonic it changes
reflecting the sky
with colours to match
and please every eye
It is fickle and change
with no virtue to save
Every one different
from the sea, like a wave


Majesty – sedoka

Water like mountains
Incessant the ocean waves
with malevolent power

Yet there’s beauty here
The majesty of the sea
respectfully revered


Day 6 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Six Lines’ event – a sedoka a day for 7 days.

A Sedoka is an unrhymed poem of Japanese origin comprising two three-lined Katauta. A Sedoka has a syllabic sequencing of 5/7/7, 5/7/7.

The power of a daffodil in winter

Someone brought some daffodils
to brighten up the place
They put sunshine yellow in our home
and a smile upon my face
It’s still too early for the spring
with winter time out there
But as it’s summertime inside our house
we don’t mind or care


Simply the sea

It is freedom and power and love and magic
and heaven and life and much more
It is friendship and companion and all of these things
and is something I completely adore

It is constant and steadfast and established and firm
but also restless and rhythmic and change
It is scary and frightening and quiver and quake
and has unimaginable range

It is empathy, invention, serendipity and charm
and all words in my vocabulary
It is representation, picture and view
and is, quite simply, the sea


On Ferring beach

Radiant, the sun beneath a
yellow-tinted sky
Reflecting true the winter sun
As seagulls flitted by

The hunger of the waves roared loud
Insatiate are they
Their commandeering presence felt
In this wide-sweeping bay

And fragile on the shore stood we
Just marvelling at the sight
Awesome in its truest sense
The sea, with all its might


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