On the wall is a sign
that points to Seaside
It points the right way
and we’ve nothing to hide
For just ten minutes walk
takes us down to the shore
It’s a privilege yes, and
we’d not ask for more

And I’ll tell you right now
full advantage we take
for it would be a crime not to
for goodness sake!
And we need no reminder
but the sign on the wall
points to the place
that we love most of all



Privilege to share

Another lovely end of day
in my favourite place
Sitting in the sunshine
with a big smile on my face
I’d take a little selfie
but I’m pretty sure that you
Would rather see some beach huts
from my favourite sea view
It really is a privilege
that’s not lost on me each day
Pausing as I cycle home
‘Cos it’s always on my way
I’ll watch the sea a little while
and write a poem in my book
Capturing words of what I see
as it’s always worth a look
Perhaps some day you’ll join me
I have some deckchairs spare
As it would be a pleasure
This view with you to share



Yesterday in St James’ Park
catching Pokemon on my phone
I spotted by the waterside
a heron all alone
He was just quietly sitting there
patiently and still
waiting for a fish to pass
his tummy then to fill
I spent a peaceful moment
with him by the water’s edge
Before walking on through London
thankful for that privilege


Photo – Heron, St James Park, London – Jempics

Switch House view

From the top of Tate’s new building
we looked out to leaden sky
the only people up there
on Bankside way up high
Early morning entrance
Members only on the door
A privilege to be here
Before crowds fill every floor

This gallery is our favourite place
and whenever we are here
we feel at home and share a peace
which fills our hearts with cheer
And looking out ‘cross London
to the changing skyline there
it was a moment savoured
and a precious thing to share


The top floor of the new Switch House at Tate Modern, Bankside London is an open viewing terrace. It boasts spectacular 360-degree views of the London Skyline. You can see the River Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral, and as far as Canary Wharf and Wembley Stadium. As members of Tate, we get ‘early doors’ entry on weekends. This gives us an hour when we literally have the whole gallery – The Turbine House, the Tank rooms and the new Switch House – all to ourselves before the crowds arrive. It’s a very special privilege to have.

A certain privilege

At sunset the beach huts
the darkening sky
the almost silent sound
of a gull passing by
On the shingle we wander
watching the sea
A slackened tide turning
a good place to be
And the honour’s not lost
of this easy reach
And the privilege we have
living close to the beach


The River

As the sun sets over shadowed hills
the tidal river flows
Meandering through the valley plain
as out to sea it goes
Enraptured in this evening light
we amble hand in hand
From High Trees along the river bank
in this fine Sussex land

All this wonder on our doorstep
never ceases to amaze
As we wander through this valley
with the river in our gaze
And we know we hold a privilege
by living in this place
Something never lost on us
as our footsteps we retrace



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