Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
has come to join our clan
Living with my daughter Gracie
and her partner Lee, the man

A Patterdale Terrier by breed
His black fur tinged with brown
He’s absolutely gorgeous
and we’re so pleased that he’s around


Photo – Bezza Croucher (via i-phone)

My haven II

My haven was invaded
by Obi looking for a nap
But I wasn’t all that bothered
for he’s a gorgeous little chap

He’s getting a bit bigger
but he’s still so jolly small
evidenced by the fact that
he hardly hides my shoe at all


My haven II follows on from yesterday’s Haven 1


The sun shone bright on May the Fourth
The day that Obi came
An eight week old Jack Russell pup
with a famous Star Wars name

He loves to have a cuddle
and be held by each of us
And is free with all the licks he gives
as we all make a fuss

An apprentice dog to Basil
who has been as good as gold
A small, companion friend to have
As he grows wise and old


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