At the eve III (part 2)

2 of 12 in the summer 22 series from Jemverse – ‘Melting Days’

At the eve of this day
I will think as a rainbow
and there will be colours of summer
and the comfort of a captured smile
and there I will find a song


Photo – Jempics

[This was originally the second verse of ‘At the eve II‘ published on 27 May 2015]

Of rainbows and promise

The promise over our house today
in the sky right after the rain
gave us both a feeling of joy
when it with its radiance came

The colour was vivid, the arc of it wide
and though brevity saw its demise
its purpose was clear, one of promise and hope
beneath it revealed to the wise


Photo – Jempics

Under rainbows

Walked home under rainbows
in a leaden sky
Gave me pause to wonder
as I hurried by
The hope left in that promise
all those years ago
With rain and shine a beauty
ever there on show




Violet Seven

Seven colours, seven days
Violet’s turn at last
The seventh in the rainbow
and the star of this fine cast

Epitomising royalty
Nomenclature this noun
Nothing more I need to say
Save Violet wears the crown



Part 7 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Indigo Six

Seven colours, seven days
and indigo’s in sight
The sixth one in the rainbow
reminiscent of the night

Deepest blue as evening fades
and quieter hours reign
Holding banquet to the hours
‘Til morning comes again



Part 6 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Blue Five

Seven colours, seven days
It’s blue today for me
The fifth one in the rainbow
and the colour of the sea

A place as much a part of me
as I am part of it
which by its calming waters
I will often simply sit

A place which always brings a peace
at any time of year
and somewhere I go often
as I live so very near



Part 5 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Green Four

Seven colours, seven days
and green’s the next in line
The fourth one in the rainbow
and one that’s very fine

For it speaks to me of life itself
and the good things oft bestowed
on each of us ‘most every day
from all that nature grows



Part 4 of 7 – ‘The Rainbow series’

Yellow Three

Seven colours, seven days
Yellow’s here today
The third one in the rainbow
and my favourite, I’d say

For with it comes a promise
for the summer and the sun
And the warmth of its magnificence
that I will never shun



Part 3 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Orange Two

Seven colours, seven days
Orange follows suit
The second in the rainbow
it really is a beaut

It’s right there in a sunset
at the end of a long day
A testament to wonder
in every single way



Part 2 of 7 – ‘The Rainbow Series’

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