Red IV (haiku)

Crimson the blanket
Warm and crisp and crunchy soft
To rest in Autumn


Photo – Jempics


Caught a flash of red
in the hedgerow yesterday
A little robin redbreast
in the branches on the way
Sitting there quite peacefully
as nature had intended
his plumage looking lovely
and his redbreast rather splendid


Photo – Jempics

Berries Red

These berries red, they are so bright
and vibrant in the sun
Resplendent in their colour
now December has begun
They grow here in the same place
that I see them every year
And never fail, I’ll have you know
to bring a sense of cheer

And yes, it’s cold and winter’s my
least favourite of the seasons
But beauty like these berries red
exemplify the reasons
Why winter has its benefits
with wonders to behold
Even though I am not partial
to its all-pervading cold



Twelve months twelve

No.5 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘Twelve months’ series

Vibrant red
my colour bright
a lovely sight
December perfect
grown indoors
gets good applauds
For I am Christmas
in a plant
and significant


This is 5 in a series of 12 poems written for and published on the 1st of every month for a year. See also Twelve Months Eight, Twelve Months Nine, Twelve Months Ten and Twelve Months Eleven

The red

I stopped, reduced to tears
when the red before me lay
Tear of joy for splendour
shown to me upon this day

Walking down an avenue
trees on either side
Then this, the most spectacular
to leave me misty-eyed

Nature’s hand, the master
brings perfection to the fore
The red, a perfect picture
How could I want for more?



Red One

Seven colours, seven days
beginning here with red
The first one in the rainbow
So, forging right ahead

Here’s to its long wavelength
with pigment deep and warm
Just like that in the poppy
Perfection made to form


Part 1 of 7 – ‘The Rainbow series’

Virginia Red

At the end of my garden
at this time of year
when autumn’s cold hands
tells me winter is near
My Virginia Creeper
turns a deep shade of red
before its leaves start to fall
to the ground when they’re dead
It’s quite lovely to see
and in spite of the cold
this Virginia red
is as precious as gold


Autumn on the wall

Betwixt the green, the turning red
up there on the wall
Cold heralds signs of changing
as Autumn comes to call


Ruby Red

Last summer I found rubies
They’d been kissed by the sun
They were so beautiful
and second to none
Growing there in abundance
in a meadowland field
A patch of pure treasure
from the sun’s warming yield

I laughed loud when I found them
as the pleasure was rare
Finding richness of beauty
just growing wild there
So I’m hoping this year
they’ll be back there once more
For more riches to find
and admire and adore


The Red Trilogy #3

Dancing and rhythmic, the red in the breeze
Born of the ocean close by
Challenged me there in its movement
To join in and give it a try
But I couldn’t even begin to match
the majesty of its grace
magnificent there in meadowlands
with wild flowers all in place
Such brilliance there, such glory
I was humbled to give voice
“Come look” I said, “Be thankful
And in this wonder here, rejoice”


Part 1 – 19.07.2015 – the day before
Part II – 20.07.2105 – yesterday
Part III – 21.07.2015 – today

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