A pint at The Bridge

Back up at The Bridge Hotel
between the city walls
Overlooking Gateshead
On the Tyne, Newcastle calls

With High Bridge to the right
and the castle to the left
beaming in the sunshine
though it’s history’s bereft

A Tiny Rebel ale is
a refreshing pint of beer
in the pub I will return to
whenever I am here


Photo – view of the high level bridge from the beer garden of The Bridge Hotel, Castle Square, Newcastle – Jempics

A little walk

Just a little walk
although quite brief
is just enough
to bring relief
Breathe in deep
fresh winter air
and feel the wind
blow through my hair

Watch the dogs
run round and bark
wagging tails
up in the park
Just a little walk
is all I need
to keep me fresh
and up to speed


Summer I know

It’s been raining for a morning
But I already miss the sun
Felt that way quite early on
when the day had just begun
It’s still quite warm of course
and I am quite glad of that
But I miss my friend the sunshine
when I’m still summer clad

So on days of ground refreshment
when the water cools things down
I fixate on minds-eye pictures
to dispel that lurking frown
Soft meadowland with tall daisies
bathed in golden light
Overlooked and looked over by
Blue sky with oversight

This is the summer that I know
Familiarity born
bathing us in sunshine
to dusk from early morn
And yes I know we need the rain
but the sunshine lifts my soul
And it’s only when it’s shining there
That I’m truly me and whole


Summer joy

It’s an overcast grey
but still warm of the air
It might rain later on
but I don’t really care
My cagoule’s in my bag
and the garden needs water
for the yellowing grass
getting shorter and shorter

And the thing to remember
is that it’s still summertime
and that after the rain
it’ll be sunny and fine
And the water’s that come
will bring out all the colour
that brightens our days
with the joy that is summer


Forty winks

Caught myself some forty winks
or maybe thirty-nine
I wasn’t really counting
as I was snoozing at the time
However, it was just enough
to recharge my tiring mind
Close my eyes and drift away
relax, and just unwind

Doesn’t matter where I catch them
It can be ‘most anywhere
In fact, sometimes they even
creep up and catch me unaware
Suffice to say that forty winks
taken as a little nap
is quite often all it takes
to refresh a weary chap


Sun – haiku

Another week starts
And, refreshed from the weekend,
I welcome the sun


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