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Although the sun was shining
it was minus fifteen there
and absolutely freezing
in Jublains in open air
Northern France, December
Two thousand ten all wrapped up warm
we visited the fortress
on the hilltop all forlorn
But we really didn’t linger
but walked swiftly round the walls
of this fortress that the Romans
used when conquering the Gauls


Jublains, in the Mayenne region of North-Western France, is also the site of the Roman capital fortress of Noeodunum. Photo – Jempics

“The Bucket List’ series features the following:
[1] Pompeii (190904)
[2] Paris (190905)
[3] The Parthenon (Athens) (190906)
[4] Rhodes (190907)
[5] Santorini (190908)
[6] Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK (190909)
[7] Jublains (France) (190910)
[8] Venice (190911)
[9] Lands End, Cornwall, UK (190912)
[10] Korcula (Croatia) (190913)
[11] Parc Guell (Barcelona) (190914), and
[12] Stone Henge, Wiltshire, UK (190915)


12 of 16 in the Jemverse ‘Venetian Vistas’ series

The Teatro Romano
was lovely to find
as we traipsed up the steps
with the sea far behind
Up, up and climbing
to the top of the hill
Castello di San Giusto
awaiting us still

More Roman ruins
A forum and more
inside the cool walls
was waiting in store
And the views of the town
of Trieste to the sea
was worth the steep climb
for Sally and me


The yellow road

Metalled by the Romans
on top of Bignor Hill
We came across the yellow road
heading homeward still
Mostly blue sky overhead
with tiny flecks of grey
The sunshine on the yellow shone
to show us both the way

At the hill crest we saw Houghton
with Amberley behind
A welcome sight for hiker’s eyes
for body, soul and mind
It meant we had walked fifty miles
along the South Downs Way
Covering half its distance
by the end of this fine day


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