Rose II

There's a rose in our garden
just by the front wall
which catches attention
to one and yes, all
as people will pause
to give it a smell
for its fragrance is lovely
as they can just tell

It's quite charming to see that
as they wander by
from my studio window
above them so high
and though they'll not see me
it is with a smile
that I watch them pause
by that rose for a while


Photo – Jempics


By any other name

“A rose by any other name
would smell as sweet” as this
that grows within our garden
every year to bring us bliss

The Bard of Stratford knew a thing
or two about his writing
and I’m not pretending for a mo
this poem’s so exciting

But those words he penned for Romeo
and Juliet somehow
remind me of this rose I see
so I’ll pay homage now

As they are used in honour
of a man whom I admire
the bard who wrote of all things
from sadness to satire

So back then to this rose I see
magnificence to splendour
it’s beauty knows no equal
so to it I here surrender

And “a rose by any other name
would smell as sweet” as this
for its fragrance is as perfume
for the heavenly scent it gives


Photo – Jempics

Quote from Romeo & Juliet – William Shakespeare

Mother Nature (6) – Rose

Celebrating nature over
seven vibrant days
Her hand of wonder covered
in seven different ways

It’s day six and here we have the rose
the flower of England’s story
from House of Tudor’s history
to give heraldic glory

Majesty reflected here
matched with regal power
Magnificent and wonderful
tradition in a flower


From 3 through 10 December, Jemverse has seven poems to celebrate Mother Nature’s hand – a different wonder every day. 

Many happy returns II

Many happy returns
lives up to its name
With ever more roses
again and again

We’ve lost count of the blooms
it has given since May
When as a gift it was given
on a special birthday

They’re pink and they’re lovely
so we hope for a while
that they’ll stay and keep blooming
as they sure bring a smile


[See the original Many Happy Returns from 1st June for context]

Wild Rose

By a first morning light
in the sunshine out here
I took a walk in the woods
whilst the skies were still clear
and there in the hedgerow
where late hawthorn grows
I found the delicate pink
of a lovely wild rose

So I paused as you would
to admire it a while
before resuming my wander
for another long mile



Many happy returns

Back when it was purchased
with its buds not yet in bloom
I thought I’d save a picture
of it for the first of June
And now that day has come
and the summertime is here
I’m really pleased I waited
as its beauty is now clear

It’s name too has a purpose
and as the title above goes
We’re really looking forward
to more flowers from this rose




Like silk upon a summer breeze
soft pastel shades of pink
It’s beauty is beyond compare
or rivalry I think
The rose, our garden’s glory
mysteriously rare
Beauty that’s unparalleled
whenever it is there


Happy Mother’s Day

An early rose on Mother’s Day
appropriately there
exuding beauty in its form
combined with love to share
Fragrance subtle, petals frail
A heart concealed, yet strong
with influence and calming
for an early springtime song
And matching this exuberance
through many smiles and tears
Is the lady who has been my strength
for fifty-seven years


White Rose

Delicate white
fold on fold
what mysteries
do your petals hold?

Full of promise
your silken heart
speaks of promise
and fresh start

Beautiful rose
your call to me
speaks softly of
your majesty



As shorter days draw in
with colder climes and
a pale sun often hiding,
a white rose of Spring
reminds me that,
behind the curtain of winter
waiting there with bated breath
comfort awaits, next in line.
And it is only the shadow
of the winter chill that
keeps its warmth away from me.


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