Something II

This morning up there very high
I saw something that caught my eye
Contrails streaked across the sky
White against the blue

Jet planes flying ‘cross the sea
to some distant warm country
(still wonder if it’s meant to be)
Although still just a few

Not that I am tempted here
as I’m content at home and near
fair England’s shores for summer cheer
And safety as you do


Photo – Jempics

To see where I hide

I have a small corner
with a chair and a cushion
Comfortable, it is a place to hide
albeit in plain sight
It is here that I escape into music
to while away hours lost to rhythm
safe in the knowledge
that this is my place
My sacrosanct
My place to hide
And dream
And breathe


Photo – Jempics

Too soon?

It’s been nine weeks but now there’s talk
of lifting the restriction
Not sure how I feel ’bout that
given my conviction
that back when all this started
we were in for the long haul
and resolute I stayed inside
til we overcame it all

Still not sure that time has come
so with my profile I’ll stay low
and until I’m really positive
I’ll keep it nice and slow
For I’ve no doubt that by and by
the day will come when we
can make a reappearance
and be safe and virus free


Photo – Jempics

The ocean of life

Out in the ocean of life

Tossed by the menacing seas

I struggled like a ship without radar

To find my way home

But the waves towered, mountains of water

Folding fields into hillsides of terror

And I lost all sense of direction

As I floundered all alone

Falling foul of the watery maelstrom

As the sky turned black overhead

I struggled in life’s dark waters

Turned my back on the promise of hope

But, as the bilge struggled lame with the floodtide

And my ship listed further to port

I saw a flash of bright light on the horizon

Through the spray and the seething foam

And the lighthouse guided me homeward

Set my path with its beam in the night

And brought me back into harbour

To the safety of my Father’s home.



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