Salt cave

Sitting in a salt cave
Breathing deep the air
Relaxing for an hour
In the quietness there
Feeling natural remedy
Take away the wheeze
My laboured breath reducing
Gently here with ease
Sitting in a salt cave
With the music of the sea
Can’t think of any other place
I’d at present rather be



Tiny white horses

There are tiny white horses out there

Scampering daintily over the hills

That form as the wavelets tumble

Rolling over a sandscape

Glistening in the evening sun

And the wind seems to have dropped

I can taste the salt and feel

the warmth of a setting sun


bright in my face and radiant

with the fulness this near to

perfect day has afforded

Glistening in the evening sun

And basking in its warmth

A fresh revelation of something new

Heralding a season where we shall live again

And sleep no more.


©Jemverse (2001)

Capturing a smile

I watched a seagull on the shoreline today
And, as he went soaring, I believe I was heard to say
That this singular moment was spectacular
Probably to myself and no-one in particular
Because, apart from the lapping sea
And an empty expanse of sand
And the seagull up in the sky
I was alone in that moment, and
It was special, exquisite, a captured smile
Lingering with the taste of salt on my lips for a while

©Jemverse (June 2001)

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