Secret II

Quietly the voice it whispered
barely audible it spoke
secrets only I could hear
way before the day awoke

Finger to my lips a promise
made and kept and honoured long
silence sang the words of knowledge
harboured by this ageless song

Many, many years I’ve kept it
never once the secret told
entrusted then until the moment
comes when I am very old


Photo – double hagstone, Lancing beach, late summer 2020 – Jempics


My hidden way

Took myself back round the Circle
starting with Mill Hill
heading to the chalky Slonk
my boots with joy to fill
Said hello to rabbits
and horses in the field
Took in long the valley view
across the Sussex Weald

Found my path, my secret
trod here so many days
known only to myself I think
these hidden Sussex ways
For this it is my happy place
and here I am my own
so pleased that I can come here
as it’s so close to my home


Photo – Jempics

Christmas secret

I’m working on a secret
for the Christmas holiday
Industrious with envelopes
in a mysterious way

No-one knows the secret
It’s safe up in my head
and lips are sealed as rumour
like a Chinese whisper spreads

I’m working on a secret
that will quite soon be known
and the box will then be open
with all its contents shown

Revealing yet more secrets
in envelopes all sealed
Riddles to be broken
before the treasure is revealed


Ocean of Everything

3 of 3 in the Jemverse ‘Ocean’ trilogy

It’s the ocean of everything
I know and hold dear
And I’m part of its essence
That much remains clear

But explaining just why
is a difficult thing
There are words and a voice
and a mystery to bring

And a secret I’ve sworn
to hold close to my heart
Never a soul to
divulge or impart

Suffice here to say
that the sea of my youth
remains as a constant
revealing its truth


The Jemverse ‘Ocean’ trilogy: ‘Ocean of Me’ (22/10/17), ‘Ocean of Senses’ (23/10/17), ‘Ocean of Everything’ (24/10/17)

I wonder what’s down there?

I wonder what’s down there, I thought
when wandering through the woods
The pathway looked mysterious
so I went there as I could
It took me to the undergrowth
the canopy complete
And showed me the dark forest
damp sod beneath my feet

A fragrance met me in the air
one of wood and more
Its headiness, it pleased me
so I clapped a loud encore
And the path led me to something
in the Sussex forest there
But then swore me to secrecy
which alas I cannot share!



Secret Places

It’s hidden by the railway line
unkempt for many years
and if the Signalman could see it now
he’s be reduced to tears
Once known as Railway Gardens
when the signal box was there
Nestled just behind the sign
that warned us “Trains – beware”

But like the age of steam before us
progress has its downside too
as the garden is untended
and hidden now from view
So it’s become a secret place
to which no-one will go
hidden by the railway line
where weeds and brambles grow


See also ‘Railway Gardens‘ (published on Jemverse – 26/12/14)

The sea and a secret

Tall master in the Albert dock
at rest on Merseyside
I wonder where her keel has been
in oceans far and wide
Her rigging whistling in the wind
sails tied down and furled
She’s keeping that a secret
from an unenlightened world
But I’m content to wonder
and imagine summer breeze
when with full sail she proudly meets
the waiting open seas


The Hallelujah cupboard

In the corner of our dining room
Unassuming, standing there
Is an old brown, two-door cupboard
With a secret for to share

At this time of year particularly
If you stepped inside our home
You’d be party to this secret
As its wonder is made known

For it is a ‘Hallelujah Cupboard’
Open wide its doors
And you’ll see exactly what I mean
(Spontaneous applauds)

Handel’s Hallelujah chorus
That glorious refrain
Spontaneity demands we sing
As it’s opened every day




In my hand I have a secret

It is very hard to see

But if you look quite closely

And you listen hard to me

And you’re very, very quiet

And you set your mind quite free

I believe that maybe you will

See what the secret’s meant to be

In my hand I have a secret

It is small and very fine

And it’s absolutely true to say

That it is uniquely mine

But if you really concentrate

And are prepared to tow the line

I believe that you may share it

Assuming there’s the time

In my hand I have a secret

Have you yet guessed its disguise?

Have you seen between my fingers?

Have you peered at what’s inside?

Because if you’re really clever

And cunning yes, and wise

I believe that you may know the truth

Before the secret dies.



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