The nineteenth floor

There’s a word I feel from way up here
One born of peace and more
‘Serenity’s’ more apt I think
up on the nineteenth floor

I’m high above the London streets
its noise remains below
And I am free to sit and gaze
in peace and quiet you know

And though the steel and concrete
cannot replace the green
It still provides a haven
when to the city I have been



Silence serene

In the pale light of dawn
I found it today
As last night from the sunset
it decided to stay
Its presence profound
as it has always been
It is of course silence
Calm, collected, serene


Salt cave

Sitting in a salt cave
Breathing deep the air
Relaxing for an hour
In the quietness there
Feeling natural remedy
Take away the wheeze
My laboured breath reducing
Gently here with ease
Sitting in a salt cave
With the music of the sea
Can’t think of any other place
I’d at present rather be



Freshly cut grass

I love the smell of grass
that has been freshly mown
for it reminds me of the summer
and the kindness it has shown
There’ve been many days of blue
with not a cloud in sight
When the sun in all its splendour
has shone with all its might

And like a duck to water
I have sat out in my chair
and revelled in the radiance
that shines around me there
That fragrance, just like lavender
calms me in that place
and the sunshine brings a smile
with its warmth upon my face


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