Shadowplay II

I played with my shadow
in the evening sunshine
it gave me a wave
so I knew it was mine

We both laughed aloud
at the shapes we made there
and didn't much mind
if it made people stare

But as the sun slipped down low
we bade fond adieu
as we know we'll be back
well you would, wouldn't you?


Photo – Jempics

Longshadow three

Three shadows cast
by a streetlight behind
long to the seashore
waiting to find
what there lay in store
with mystery held
longshadow casting
completely compelled
But soon there revealed
with the lap of the sea
as twilight it faded
on longshadow three


Photo – Jempics

Shadow Wave

Shadow cast on turquoise
I raised a hand and waved
One finger on the shutter
for the photo that I saved

The sunshine played, it always does
on summer evenings here
The beach hut looking lovely
with the sunset drawing near


Photo – South Lancing beach huts, West Sussex, UK – Jempics

Shadow Play

It followed me from Brighton
up to the South Downs Way
staying well behind me
but close enough, I’d say
I know that it was with me
though when e’er I turned around
it always made itself quite scarce
as no trace of it I found

But as the day grew longer
and the sun sank to the west
it came around in front of me
and posed at my behest
If fact some others joined it
long, tall and handsome they
Moving with us as we walked
Our shadows there at play


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