Better with more

I quite like walking by myself
although company is best
out here in the countryside
to spark an interest

I can comment on a lovely view
but it’s a bit one-sided
Nice to have alternative
when in a friend confided

I can put a best foot forward
but it’s also nice to pause
encouraged by companions
unbound by rules or laws

I can pause to take a photo
often something I will do
But better still to share that with
a friend who also knew

Yes, I quite like walking by myself
but it’s always best with more
for sharing this fine countryside
is really what it’s for


Photo – Jempics


Around the fireside, family
A summer evening spent
sharing food and drinking beer
and general merriment

The embers glow with flicker bright
A focal point to share
This was contentment, rarified
for everybody there


Photo – Jempics

Privilege to share

Another lovely end of day
in my favourite place
Sitting in the sunshine
with a big smile on my face
I’d take a little selfie
but I’m pretty sure that you
Would rather see some beach huts
from my favourite sea view
It really is a privilege
that’s not lost on me each day
Pausing as I cycle home
‘Cos it’s always on my way
I’ll watch the sea a little while
and write a poem in my book
Capturing words of what I see
as it’s always worth a look
Perhaps some day you’ll join me
I have some deckchairs spare
As it would be a pleasure
This view with you to share


The Red Trilogy #3

Dancing and rhythmic, the red in the breeze
Born of the ocean close by
Challenged me there in its movement
To join in and give it a try
But I couldn’t even begin to match
the majesty of its grace
magnificent there in meadowlands
with wild flowers all in place
Such brilliance there, such glory
I was humbled to give voice
“Come look” I said, “Be thankful
And in this wonder here, rejoice”


Part 1 – 19.07.2015 – the day before
Part II – 20.07.2105 – yesterday
Part III – 21.07.2015 – today

The Red trilogy #2

Blanket of red, warm on the ground
Enshrouds me where I lay
Such richness here unequalled
On this lovely summer’s day
Here I have rubies kissed by the sun
And I am bathed in liquid gold
Unparalleled, this treasure
Far more than I can hold
Such grandeur this, such wonder
Must not ever be concealed
“Come look”, I say “And witness
Nature’s wealth here now revealed”


Part I – 19.07.2015 – yesterday
Part II – 20.07.2015 – today
Part III – 21.07.2015 – tomorrow

The Red trilogy #1

Happen chanced by a field of red
Its colour vivid there
Paused and took some photographs
Felt the need to share
Mesmerised by this spectacle
of rubies in the breeze
I felt a tear arising as
I fell down to my knees
Such scenes as these, such beauty
Must be shared with all around
“Come look” I say “And marvel
at this treasure I have found”


Part 1 – 19/07/2015 – today
Part II – 20/07/2015 – tomorrow
Part III – 21/07/2015 – the day after

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