Sheep may safely graze

Bach, three hundred years ago
wrote an aria for some sheep
with words by Salomon Frank
full of meaning, rich and deep

Sheep may safely graze and pasture
and they do still to this day
as we approach the roundabout
down here round Shoreham way

We still share those many blessings
which both peace and plenty bring
prompting us to raise a voice
and Bach’s sweet aria sing


Photo – Jempics

‘Sheep my safely graze’ was an aria written for soprano and two recorders by Johanne Sebastian Bach in 1713. Words were by Salmon Frank

Sheep may safely graze and pasture
while a shepherd guards them well
So the nation ruled in wisdom
know and shares the many blessings
which both peace and plenty bring


Up upon the Sussex hills
on Friday afternoon
I spied a sheep with new born lamb
the timing, opportune

As in my hand I happened
to have a camera with a zoom
allowing me to get in close
and for a moment be attune

It didn’t last for very long
as fleetingly and soon
the pair walked off together
devotion there bestrewn




This week you’ll find me writing
(continuing with a leap)
about an animal each day
and today concerns a sheep
We think of them as stupid
but I’m not having that at all
For I know they have intelligence
like this one on a wall

She’d jumped up there on purpose
to get across the other side
Where the grass was that much greener
and no gate she had espied
And that takes a bit of know-how
nay, intelligence, I’d say
Despite her haughty look
and her nonchalance, blasé



Christmas sheep

I am resolutely steadfast
Not to wish the time away
But have been reminded since September
That it will soon be Christmas day

Father Christmas lights and tinsel
Shops force, brazen, to our thoughts
Whilst I’m still thinking ‘summer’
In my sandals and my shorts

But December comes next Monday
So from the attic I will find
The decorations box and tree
For a Christmas frame of mind

Until then to get us in the mood
From Christmas time last year
Here’s Shoreham’s famous concrete sheep
In seasonal head gear.


Two sheep

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 14.48.53




Walking Sussex 5

Familiarity breeds content, of that I am quite sure

As for our final walk in Sussex we’re back at the start for more

Two rings with woodland in between, cows in the field and sheep

Undulating downland and hills that aren’t too steep.

Chanctonbury wealdland view takes the breath away

And is particularly stunning on a clear, bright Springtime day

And after five days walking Sussex hills with Wainwrights at the bar

The rest respite with sunshine was perfect at the Star.


©Jemverse (16 May 2014)

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