The last hot summer night

Walking through St James’ Park
on the last hot summer night
I spied Buck House between the trees
it was a lovely sight
All lit up and shining
casting its reflection there
It was such a lovely thing to see
that I just had to share



Shiny Shiny

Shiny shiny
the river today
as slow to the sea
it ebbs on its way
On the footbridge I pause
and soak up the sun
on this wonderful morning
as the day is begun

It’s a marvellous thing
shiny moments like these
at the height of the summer
with a southerly breeze
Shiny shiny the sunshine
so bright in the glare
reflecting on water
and beautiful there



Woke up to streaming sun
through curtains tightly drawn
threw them wide and welcomed
a shiny springtime morn

Felt the sunshine warming
there upon my brow
squinting, waved a welcome
for it won’t be that long now

Sat out in a deckchair
sheltered from the breeze
revelling in the warming rays
a blanket on my knees

Yes, I guess I am impatient
I want the summer to be here
I’m fed up with lingering winter
And I’m in need of shiny cheer



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