Serves me well

The ocean’s pull grabs me again
draws me to its windswept shore
and breathing deep the salty air
I take it in for more and more

Those waves. Those mountains moving
that deep green valley surge
captivate magnificence
with whim and frequent urge

For this is solace. This is calm
despite the gathered swell
As when I’m here on dampened shores
I’m whole. It serves me well


Photo – Lancing beach, West Sussex, UK April 2018 – Jempics

Rhythmic (chained haiku)

Rhythmic, the sea moves
Back and forth across the beach
Waves upon the shore

Rhythmic, the waves move
Back and forth across the sea
Breaking on the beach

Rhythmic, the beach beats
As a drum upon the shore
Music from the sea


Shoreline II

I walked along the shoreline
Not been here for a while
A bracing walk ‘neath Autumn skies
Gave pause to bring a smile

Not much respite to bring repose
Afford soliloquy
But I don’t mind on Sussex shore
With just the sea and me



Sometimes I shout at the sea
Not from anger but by way of an echo
To the volume of its majesty
For, as foam topped white horses leap and crash
And the noise of shingle-drag pounds the path of a dangerous shore
A shout is the most appropriate.



Sometimes I whisper at the sea
Not from timidity but also by way of an echo
To the beauty of its serenity
For, as a golden sun-cast glistens on a flat calm
And the silence of lapping gently caresses the path of an ebbing tide
A whisper is my best and all.

©Jemverse (18 May 2014)


With a calming serenity, the lapping sea

Silently approaches the shore

And, with the faintest of whispers, turns on itself

Before slipping back for more


©Jemverse (1998)

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