Mugginess building
Yellowing skies
reckon we’ll soon be
in for surprise

Distant rumbling
of the thunder
Overhead dark
clouds asunder

Spatters of rain
smack the ground
as people shelter
all around

Then the crack
Electric lightning
It’s scary but
It’s quite exciting

my favourite thing
Make me want
to shout and sing




Sometimes I shout at the sea
Not from anger but by way of an echo
To the volume of its majesty
For, as foam topped white horses leap and crash
And the noise of shingle-drag pounds the path of a dangerous shore
A shout is the most appropriate.



Sometimes I whisper at the sea
Not from timidity but also by way of an echo
To the beauty of its serenity
For, as a golden sun-cast glistens on a flat calm
And the silence of lapping gently caresses the path of an ebbing tide
A whisper is my best and all.

©Jemverse (18 May 2014)

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