Longest Day

The twenty-first, the longest day
and this 'Spanish Plume' remains
bringing heat for Solstice
for heady dancing gains
and I with best foot forward
claim the day all for my own
this solstice here in summer
in the June I've loved and known


Photo – Jempics


The longest day

The longest day
the Solstice here
June twentieth
at the mid year
The sunshine stays
as well it might
and with us til
it is twilight
So celebrate
the Solstice day
with dance and song
as well you may
Mid-summer daylight
Green Man shout
tells one and all
the sunshine’s out


Photo – Jempics


Today it is the shortest day
Midwinter, that’s a fact
Followed by the longest night
Solstice to be exact

It’s something I look forward to
for once it’s been and gone
night-time hours get shorter
and it won’t be all that long
Before the Springtime comes again
and warmth returns once more
Coupled with the sunshine
which we all love and adore


Slip slide away

Yesterday saw the Solstice
and the summer’s longest day
Midyear passes once again
as time slip slides away

Yet it is only just mid-June
so although the light will now
grow gradually fainter
no frown is on my brow

For these are days of summer
with the sun high in the sky
And I’m alive as live can be
as every day goes by



Summer solstice seagull

Summer solstice seagull passed by me overhead

And as I looked up and smiled, I believe I must have said

That this particular majesty was a privilege to see

Summer solstice seagull there especially for me

… … …


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