There are quite a lot of sounds
that are pleasing to the ear
Mellifluous they may be called
Sweet and smooth to hear

For me, one in particular
made by a little chap
My small brown dog called ‘Obi’
and when he drinks with just a lap


Photo – ‘Obi Wan-Kinobi’ looking gorgeous – Jempics

Music my passion


Spent a day listening to music
Tunes from across many years
Some which brought a smile to my face
And others which brought a few tears

There were spine tingling moments in there
And times when I jumped to my feet
To dance a while round the living room
When impossible to stay in my seat

Some albums were quiet and others were loud
And all have a place in my heart
My only problem – and always the same…
is just where my listening will start

For there are records there from before I was born
Many more from the halcyon days
And some from much more recent times
with meanings in their own unique ways

Music for me is a passion
and as long as I have ears to hear
I will listen and dance and love and enjoy
with a pleasure that always brings cheer


The seagull serenade


Alone on dampened shingle
The taste of salt around my mouth
I stand braced against a rising wind
And gaze out to the south

Out there within the greyish-green
As the waves rise up and fall
I am captivated by the sound
Of swooping seagull call

It’s a symphony composed for one
The call, the screech, the cry
Sweet music of the sea I hear
As they around me fly


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