Sea of Child

By listening very carefully
I could hear it on the air
My call across the many years
to me still walking there
The beach where many summer spent
as a boy with dirty knees
To which half a century later
I returned on Autumn breeze

So very little here has changed
So, with echoes of the past
I stood there a while just gazing
out at the ocean, vast
And as I stood there watching
the past and present met
With man and boy upon the beach
a rare reunion crept


Of the trilogy:
Sea of Child (1st October 2015)
Sea of Heart (2nd October 2015)
Sea of Sometime (3 October 2015)

In my own footsteps

Took a walk on Southwick Beach
On a bright blue winter’s day
Across the locks at harbour’s mouth
Where ships at anchor lay

So many times those years ago
I came here as a boy
So returning now five decades on
Is something I’ll enjoy

Time stands still for no man it’s said
But here it’s much the same
As my memory of those halcyon days
Returns me there again

So following in my footsteps
I retrace the paths I took
Always good to sometimes go
And take another look


Buckingham Barn

We went for a walk in the country today

A ramble up on Southwick Hill

Then over the downs to Buckingham Barn

Late September but very warm still



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