Saving Grace

Slowly dusk descended
and it got really hard to see
but the birdsong in the evening sky
was great for Sal and me

And though we’ve said it here before
we really love this place
and though a broken record-like
it is our saving grace

Without it I am quite convinced
stir-crazy we would be
so it’s a special privilege
this field to weekly see

And when we left this evening
night had bled into the day
which made it kind of special
in a really lovely way


Photo – Jempics

Special Place

Part 2 of 6 in the Jemverse ‘At Home’ series

At home I have a special place
A little room for me
Somewhere to sit in quiet
where I just love to be
Sometimes the dogs will join me
and snooze beneath my feet
As I relax and play a game
in my special comfy seat



Never whatever

Whatever you do
Whatever you take
Whatever you see
Whatever you make
Whatever you carry
Whatever you use
Whatever you give
Whatever you lose
Whatever you love
Whatever you cherish
Whatever you hold
Whatever you perish
Whatever you tarnish
Whatever you clean
Whatever you muster
Whatever you glean
Whatever you think
Whatever you feel
Whatever you break
Whatever you heal

You are, as am I
Not simply whatever
But really quite special
So never say ‘never’


My ‘ever there’ friend

Took a long look at the sea today
made up my mind there and then
For it’s been way too long since I visited
my dear ‘ever there’ special friend

It’s always the same whenever we meet
like we’re seldom ever apart
Comes of living here next to the coast
for the sea is there deep in my heart

My ‘ever there’ friend rejuvenates me
on every occasion we meet
and I’ll never grow tired of the company
as each time is a real special treat


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