Spirea Arguta

As if I couldn’t tell, the Spring
was evident today
As with flowers white and delicate
Spirea had a say

Arguta genus, Meadowsweets
It’s always first to flower
for shade within my garden
from its small yet fragrant bower


Photo Jempics

A synergy born

The spirea’s in full bloom
with its blossom abundant
and the warmth of the sunshine
means Winter’s redundant

And I’m pleased about that
It fills me with joy
Something I realised
when just a small boy

That as a child of the summer
the heat of mid-June
from the warmth of the Springtime
cannot come too soon

I come alive in this weather
when the sun climbs up high
and the clouds are all fluffy
and blue fills the sky

So the spirea, when it blossoms
forms a synergy here
Which always reminds me
that summer is near



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