The Visitor

On our bird table this morning
a visitor had come
eating all the seed we’d left
in the warming sun
It wasn’t very feathered
and it didn’t have a beak
so I don’t think it mattered
that we had a sneaky peak

So keeping very quiet
we watched him as he munched
eating all we’d left last night
for breakfast and for lunch
No matter, we have plenty more
a big sack waiting there
with more food that the birdies
and the squirrels here can share


Photo – Jempics

Squirrel II

I met a little squirrel
in St James’ park today
He stopped and looked straight up at me
I think, as if to say
That if I were to be so kind
A little titbit please
‘For I’m find it quite hard
to find my nuts amongst the leaves’
‘Alas’ I said, ‘I have no food’
‘Well, never mind’ said he
‘It was really nice to meet you
‘So I’ll leave and let you be’
I watched him as he scampered off
and smiled when there he found
the nuts he’d stashed amongst the leaves
right there upon the ground.




I was minding my own business
walking through the park
In very early morning
having risen with the lark
Seems I was not the only one
up at that time of day
As there were many squirrels
passing by me on the way
One chap in particular
A feisty little fellow
caught my eye as if to wish
a cheery greeting ‘hello’
So I reciprocated as one does
as that was only right
Before he scampered off and soon
had disappeared from sight


A new home

His family had lived
in the same place for years
Safe from harm’s way
with no worries or fears
Foraging for food
in the gardens around
Then up to the homestead
up high above ground

Until one day last summer
with no forewarning
His home was chopped down
one horrible morning
What would he do now
the poor little chap
With no safe have left
from this dreadful mishap?

Yet as luck would have it
and most fortunately
He’s just that same day
found another tall tree
Not too far away
and better in fact
As this was much taller
with more space intact

So as splinters were cleared
from the age old homestead
a family of squirrels
to their new home were led
And now every morning
when sipping my tea
I’ll give them a wave
as they scamper past me


A brightening

Caught a movement in the undergrowth
Looked down at my feet
Saw a little face down there
Looking up, quite sweet
It was a friendly squirrel
Foraging for some food
I smiled and thought that seeing this
Was really rather good

Hurrying on my way to work
With a morning just begun
The night clouds parting up above
To make way for the sun
Sharing in this early hour
And meeting squirrels on the way
Will always bring a note of cheer
To brighten any day



For five and forty years
It stood there proud and tall
It’s leafy branches spreading wide
and sheltering us all
First thing we saw each morning
when throwing curtains wide
There across the way from us
The big tree just outside

Birds built their nests within its crown
and came back every year
And scampering along its branches
the squirrels brought us cheer
Even when in summertime
the bees filled us with alarm
They swarmed and buzzed about a bit
but never did us harm

But when springtime came around this year
few leaves upon it grew
And when the yellow signs went up
I think we sort of knew
Disease had settled deep inside
and it had become unwell
So yesterday a truck arrived
with men equipped to fell

Now all that’s left is sawdust
and a stump where once it stood
Our tree is sadly there no more
as it has gone for good
We shed a tear when it came down
a sad passing for our street
But that is not where this all ends
And the story’s incomplete

For we’re promised that come wintertime
a new sapling will appear
To take its place and grow up tall
and once again bring cheer
Meantime we have photographs
to bring pleasure and remember
As we look forward to new planting
Which will happen in December



Squirrels at play in the sunshine
Chasing around and around
One eating nuts in the branches
Two playing games on the ground

Paused for a moment to watch them
Simple pleasures to linger to see
Three squirrels just doing their squirrely things
And posing for pictures with me



Good deed for the day

My good deed for the day is done
And with it I am pleased
Saved a squirrel from a cat
Just as it pounced and seized

The cat gave me a furious scowl
And ran the other way
The squirrel scampered ‘cross the road
To live another day

I paused and watched him as he went
He was a happy chap
I waved and wished him well this day
And safe from more mishaps


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