Winter leave me now

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This brittle chill, this iron cold
this fall from grace for me
is winter in a nutshell
and a few words, certainly
So I fund solace in these times
with words that speak of sun
and warmer days of sunshine
when winter days are done


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Winter for me now

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These winter days of sunshine
warm coats to brave the cold
Swift walks upon the hill and field
to keep from growing old
Then home to nice warm slippers
and scalding mugs of tea
Warming toes beside the fire
this winter here for me


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Winter with me now

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Eight line stanza thinking of
the winter with me now
Brittle chill, not warming sun
cold upon my brow
But dressed up warm its good to brace
the iron winter chill
for as it passes Springtime looms
and ever closer still


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The lost words

We are lost words searching
for a poem we once knew
Somehow we were parted
and it’s left us feeling blue
We feel bereft and lacking
it’s not nice to be alone
We should be with all the other words
in a poem that’s our home

Perhaps we are unusual
yet we’re sure that given time
We’d find our place with all the rest
somewhere that has rhyme
We are ‘orange’; we are ‘rhythm’
warmth and movement guaranteed
Yet no fit to rhyming stanza
a fact by all agreed

We are ‘month’ and we are ‘walrus’
and can be added to a line
But we’ll never be there at the end
as none of us will rhyme
Yet here as you’ve been reading
we’ve been added just the same
And given home with other words
in some poetry again




So April reaches its last day
It’s been a beauty, I must say

Trains were cancelled many times
But I danced regardless, feeling fine

Easter came and easter went
Our chocolate feast was finally spent

And the green of Spring with new life sewn
Revealed a bit of heaven shown

Indicative of things to come
Jubilant April gave us fun

The sun kept shining every day
So it’s looking good for coming May

Marvellous that the winter’s done
Now the spring has finally come

And overlooking all of this
I know the privilege of bliss

So in quietness of pensive time
I have good cause to pen this rhyme

The sunshine brightens up my mood
And even makes that travelling good

Watching undulating Sussex there
It’s very nice, beyond compare

So I wonder how it came to this
‘Je ne c’est quoi’, sealed with x-kiss

April, glorious, yellow led
Leaves us now and ends with zed.


[A-Z April – day 30 – Z]

For my A-Z April Blogging Challenge, I’ve penned 26 poems around a word for each letter of the alphabet. All 26 are now included in each of the above rhyming stanzas – one on each line. And I can see from your comments that you’ve enjoyed the reading as much as I’ve enjoyed the writing. However, although A-Z April might be done, Jemverse certainly isn’t! Please keep reading – it’s good to have your company.

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