May the fourth be with you II

Seven years of Star Wars days
we've had this little chap
the dog of many, many names
so let's give him a clap
Obi Wan Kinobi is 
his proper name of course
hence 'May the fourth be with you'
as he is strong with 'the force'
But he has many others
to numerous to repeat
as he is a very special friend
who makes our lives complete


‘Obi Wan Kinobi’ – who came to us on Star Wars Day 2015 (photo – Jempics)

Built a Falcon

I built a Millennium Falcon
something I have longed to do
sixteen hundred pieces of Lego
from an intricate guide someone drew
It took me several long hours
but the resulting model of joy
is a beauty to simply behold and admire
by the man who's still really a boy


Photo – Jempics

Youth rekindled

Something I have longed for 
since nineteen seventy-seven
arrived on Christmas morning
with a little slice of heaven

My own Millennium Falcon
and an AT-AT for good measure
which after careful building
I can keep and always treasure

A present from my children
(there were tears and that's the truth)
some moments of emotion
to rekindle here my youth


Photo – Jempics

May the fourth be with you

Obi Wan Kinobi
five years ago today
came to join our family
hip-hip, hip-hip, hooray

So May the Fourth
be with you here
with Obi Wan
to bring you cheer

Our Star Wars chap
our 'little brown'
he's such a joy
to have around

So on the fourth
of May each year
we celebrate
to be quite clear

For he remains
a Croucher true
something here
we'll share with you

A small brown dog
of many names
but Star Wars
Obi-Wan remains


Photo – Obi-Wan Kinobi Croucher in the sun,May 2021 – Jempics

Bussokuseki week II (Monday)

2 of 7

Monday comes around
Month of May and Star Wars day
when all in humour
with the greeting ‘May the fourth
be with you’ repeat aloud
for smiles and laughter here


[Bussokuseki is an archaic Japanese poetic device in which lines are written in a 5-7-5-7-7-7 ‘mora’ pattern]

Photo – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ (1940) by Yoshida Toshi (1911-1995)


42 years and the Force

In the heat of the summer
for a special treat
as we’d both left school for good
A good friend of mine and I
thought that a film
would fit the bill fine as it should

Something called ‘Star Wars’
was all of the rave
so both of us ventured to Brighton
Queued up at the Odeon
for a good seat
unprepared for what would enlighten

And it blew our minds
for nowt of the like
had either of us seen on the screen
Quite the best movie
in seventy-seven
to which we’d agreed we had been

Now forty-two years have
passed by in between
and back at the same Odeon am I
to see Star Wars again
though nine movies on
My how the years seem to fly

And it was just as breathtaking
as it was way back then
when I was still in my youth
As though I’m now sixty
the Force is still strong
and lives on in my heart, that’s the truth


Photo – Jempics

A dog, the ‘force’ and a smile

In a patch of yellow flowers
he sat and looked at me
panting in the sunshine
and acting playfully
He was quite content to sit there
long enough to take a snap
before running off and playing
for he’s a boisterous little chap

Obi-wan Kinobi
is his name (just by the way)
Given as he came to us
upon the fourth of May
“May the fourth be with you”
(think about it for a while)
For I am sure, just like our little dog
it’s bound to bring a smile



Obi’s Ears

We have a dog called Obi
came to us on fourth of May
He really is a lovely chap
and loves to have a play
He has ridiculous ears
they’re his redeeming feature
Even though they’re quite enormous
for such a little creature.


‘Obi’ (full name Obi Wan Kinobi) named because he came to live with us on 4th May 2015 – ‘Star Wars day’ (‘May the 4th be with you’) 


The sun shone bright on May the Fourth
The day that Obi came
An eight week old Jack Russell pup
with a famous Star Wars name

He loves to have a cuddle
and be held by each of us
And is free with all the licks he gives
as we all make a fuss

An apprentice dog to Basil
who has been as good as gold
A small, companion friend to have
As he grows wise and old


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