Little Things II

Big things they may never come
but little things are free
and all we have to do each day
is open eyes to see

Encapsulating all that life
gives each of us each day
to celebrate the little things
in every single way

And then, most like by happenstance
when big things come along
we're bolstered by the little ones
which help to make us strong


Photo – Jempics

Substance & Zest

It’s lovely to feel
the warmth of the sun
at the start of a day
which has barely begun
It bodes well with promise
of good things to come
when the sun stays there
’til the day is all done
It’s a sustaining tonic
to lift and uphold
Bright, warm and lovely
an orb of pure gold

And at the start of the summer
when I awaken and live
I know that its strength
has much more to give
The power of the sunshine
at its very best
keeps me happy and hopeful
with substance and zest


Happy Mother’s Day

An early rose on Mother’s Day
appropriately there
exuding beauty in its form
combined with love to share
Fragrance subtle, petals frail
A heart concealed, yet strong
with influence and calming
for an early springtime song
And matching this exuberance
through many smiles and tears
Is the lady who has been my strength
for fifty-seven years


Always there

I’m pleased the sea is always there
because whenever I’m in need
I can take a wander by its shore
and feel instantly relieved
For no matter what life throws at me
as it does from time to tine
The sea acts as a comforter
and makes me feel just fine

I’ll walk a bit along the shore
shingle crunching ‘neath my feet
breathing in its fragrant air
and feel again complete
So I’m pleased the sea is always there
as its endless breadth and length
renews me and invigorates
and brings me hope and strength


Hidden Strength

With a calming serenity, the lapping sea
silently approaches the shore
and with the faintest of whispers, turns on itself
before slipping back for more

Best sampled with naked toes
when the summer’s at its height
this kiss of soft warm water hides
the ocean’s strength and might.


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