It's been one of those sultry days
that summer sometimes brings
when the sunshine burns intensely
with heat haze shimmerings
and though it's now past five o'clock
there's little respite here
so I feel quite contented
to pour a nice cold beer
And with mock-orange fragrance
heady in the air
sit here a little longer
the evening sun to share

By and by the shadows
of our north-facing garden
will hide the sun as to the West
it sets to beg a pardon
but I'll not fret and raise a glass
as tomorrow it's forecast
for lots more glorious weather
as this heatwave's set to last


Photo – Jempics


Last night the moon shone bright within
a sea of dappled grey
As speckled night clouds gathered
at the end of a hot day

A sultriness lay heavy
and filled the air around
Exuding peace and quiet
as you could barely hear a sound



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