The passing of days

To the week that was
That has now passed
It’s had its ups and downs
Some high times
And some lower ones
Some smiles and yes, some frowns

I’ve worked it well
I’ve worked it hard
I’ve taken every hour
And used it wisely
Making most
Of honesty and power

But now it’s Sunday
Yet again
And rest comes to this frame
Before the morrow
Brings with it
Another week again


Photo – Jempics


To the resting day

1 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

To the resting day
I relinquish everything
My soul is refreshed


Photo – sunrise – Jempics

The dichotomy of slow Sundays


Something about slow Sundays
as I’m awakened by the sun
Streaming through the curtains
when my slumber time is done
A dichotomy of purpose
first choice I need to make
To embrace the day with open arms
or another couch day take

But most days it’s the sunshine
which wins that war of will
An easy choice if truth be told
as with some hours to kill
I can get out there, enjoy the sun
run around and play
Then veg out on the sofa
for the rest of my Sunday


For Sunday…


Underneath a




Y should I?



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