Katauta for Sunday

Katauta Sunday
as more words the poet finds
to paint another picture


Image – from Jempics

[Katauta is a traditional Japanese three-line non-rhyming stanza with a syllabic sequencing of 5-7-7]


Sunday (bussokuseki)

for a Sunday seems quite right
as a new week looms
yet to reveal its secrets
to the last of the weekend
and our resting we succumb


Bussokuseki is a non-rhyming Japanese poetic form comprising 6 lines with a syllabic sequence of 5-7-5-7-7-7

Sunday (Jemaiku)

Sunday, ah - the rest and peace
unimportant - time
These are all my hours to spend
with choice and fancy
whim and nonchalance
For the pleasures of my choice
until evening comes


[A ‘Jemaiku’ is a Japanese-inspired poetic form of my own design; a seven-line non-rhyming stanza with a syllabic sequence of 7-5-7-5-5-7-5].

Two Dodoitsus (II – Sunday)

And so to the beach again
for ocean's cooling water
Sunday blisters relentless
yet this gift is here


[A dodoitsu is a four-line Japanese non-rhyming poetic form with a syllabic sequencing of 7-7-7-5] 

Two Tanagas (II – Sunday)

Sunday's come and peace I find
relaxation here, unwind
emptying my busy mind
perfect with this sunshine timed


Tanaga is a Tahitian poetic 4-line rhyming stanza each with 7 syllables

Tri-haiku XXXV (the sun, hooray)

And here for Sunday
the sun still has its hat on
Hip, hip, hip hooray

Golden for autumn
it still shines yellow and warm
Hip, hip, hip hooray

Shining still brightly
it stays and it continues
Hip, hip, hip hooray


Photo – Emily Rose Croucher

Sunday Haiku

A Sunday Haiku
in seventeen syllables
The right thing to do


Picture – Half Moon Bridge by Yoshida Toshi, 1940

A haiku for Sunday

Quality of life
seized in every moment of
this Sunday of rest


Picture – ‘Half Moon Bridge’ by Yoshida Toshi (1940)

Rest Days

Sometimes days just don’t quite begin
and befuddled it’s usually best
to hand in the towel and lay down the pen
put one’s feet up and have a good rest


Photo – Jempics

Sunday Mornings II

And for a Sunday morning
as the day it gathers pace
here’s to lazy lie-ins and
just lounging round the place

Maybe a leisured breakfast
with some music by and by
or just a little wander
when the sun is nice and high

Then curled up on the sofa
Neath warm blankets snuggled we
will while away remaining hours
with something on TV


Photo – Jempics

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