Dappled sunlight
through the leaves
dances underneath
the trees

And with its movement
so do I
slowly as I
wander by


Photo – from Jemverse on instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

Beauty Everywhere

Sun shines bright on Llanishen
which with a leaf here from my book
You can find beauty anywhere
if you just take a look
This glimpse was in a business park
on wasteland in between
bland warehouse and concrete
Yet some beauty there was seen
Early dew upon the grass
growing wild and tall
Reflected in the sunlight
showed the beauty of it all


Llanishen is a district north of Cardiff in Wales. 

My Window

Sitting here in sunlight
at my window to the world
Watching as another day
is bit by bit unfurled
It’s peaceful here and seldom
will I glance to see below
A passer by or traffic
drifting by my house you know
For mostly I am working
or writing in my book
Oblivious to life outside
save for the furtive look



Afternoon delight

Stained glass caught it streaming through
Late afternoon delight
The warmth, the sudden comfort
of this winter pale sunlight

And it brought to mind a feeling
with which I am in tune
the memory of the summer
and the strong sunlight of June


Ripple and Promise

A ripple on the water
caught my eye today
Squinting in the sunlight
with the New Year underway

In my imagination
I saw hope and promise there
Heralding a brand new start
Reflected in the glare

So I’m trusting to its promise
That hope will stay this year
Like the sunlight on the water
Replete with joy and cheer


My Gallery

Last night the moonlight painted
Translucent streaks across the sky
Such was the beauty of that sight
I felt moved enough to cry

And this morning sunlight painted
a splash of blue between the grey
Adding tiny flecks of yellow there
to emphasise the day

A gallery where every day
a painting hangs anew
Each one with myriad colours there
for my own private view


Garden Barber

Our garden’s had a haircut
A tidying up and trim
‘Cos the overgrowth was getting
Out of hand and pretty grim

Now a passion flower curtain hangs
From Mock Orange in the light
Revealing studio window there
Which before was out of sight

Things are changing out there now
And we’re seeing things anew
Same garden, different outlook
More sunlight, better view


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