Sun on water
Surf a flat white
The beach as ever
A wonderful sight
Wavelets turning
Watch them fall
The sea in movement
With its call
Draws me in
And to its sound
I am as ever
Duty bound
For sea and surf
Are part of me
And I am one
Beside the sea



White horses in paradise

I sat down at my beach hut
with white horses at low tide
The kites were out there surfing
in the blue sea vast and wide
And the breeze though fairly brisk
was blowing from the south
bringing a fresh saltiness
I could taste within my mouth

The waves were making constant sound
as they lapped upon the shore
And I sat and smiled and thought that I
could not wish nor hope for more
This is a haven paradise
wonderful at any time
But especially on days like this
when the weather is so fine





Lurking fog and drizzle falling, the sea a greyish green

Waves like monstrous ogres rising tossed by winter winds unseen

Alone on dampened shingle, the taste of salt upon my lips

Braced against the ocean’s vigour, gazing out to windward ships

I am the only audience for this winter serenade

A symphony composed for one, perfect and uniquely made

For the sea’s cacophony is splendid, a sound I cherish as my own

It is to me triumphant music, wave cymbal crash and wind song moan

Rhythm dragged across the shingle, drumbeat on the wooden groyne

Turns the staid and older man back to the winsome boy

Enraptured there I listen as the music builds and plays

My heart a-flutter, eyes for tears, a glorious malaise

And as the white surf retreats away, tumultuous applauds

Along with cries ‘Encore! Encore!’ as I hanker after more.


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