Starting to appear now
mysterious boxes
their fragrance filling the room
A promise of something
that’s getting quite close
in mid-December quite soon

What’s in the box?
my immediate question
unanswered of course for a while
The mystery continues
as excitement grows
coupled with winks and a smile


Photo – Jempics

The shy one

At the bottom of the garden
is a pond where lives a toad
But he won’t come out and say hello
However much I goad

I’ve tried speaking in low whispers
or just waiting patiently
But although I hear him croaking
he never visits me

Once I saw some bubbles
to the water’s surface rise
So with bated breath I waited
and hoped for a surprise

But toad he is a shy one
He likes to keep his privacy
So I’ll keep watching just in case
but otherwise I’ll leave him be


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