It’s not the most attractive view
But the sunshine doesn’t care
For it beams on me regardless
When at home or out elsewhere

Earlier on it was in Telford
Up in Shropshire, far away
Whilst I waited from my train to come
At the end of a full day

I had a pint of golden ale
which was going down a treat
and I found a corner in the sun
with a comfortable seat

I had about an hour to kill
which suited me just fine
As it was great to sit there and relax
in lovely warm sunshine




I quite like travelling
But sometimes it’s a chore
Especially when your working day
Is eighteen hours or more

Telford up in Shropshire
Two hundred miles away
But on a train – eleven hours
To get back within a day

Beyond the call of duty
To retain one’s sanity
So I’ll not be doing that again
Too much travel there for me


Euston Square

Hoards of people waiting
Coffees at their side
Watching the announcement boards
Waiting for their ride

Most of them have tablets
But far from ailing they
Peering at their Windows
At the beginning of their day

Many journeys pending
I too will soon be gone
On my way to Telford
Having paused to write this song


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