By the Thames of an evening

Spent an evening at Richmond
by the Thames in the sun
with good company there
when the working was done
Took a while to walk down there
but now we are here
it's a great place for eating
at our ease with a beer
And after a while
the Thames path we will do
for a slow wander back
to the hotel at Kew


Photo – the Thames, Richmond, Surrey – Jempics

Westminster Palace

The Thames of a morning
with clear skies a-glow
just a few folk around
and the water's down low
The tide's on the turn
so the moorings and sand
and old stones from the walls
are evident and
Westminster Palace
unveiled 'cross the way
is striking and golden
to blend in with the day


Photo – Jempics

In winter

I’ve stood by this river in Summer
and early Spring and in fall
but in spite of the chill in the winter
the view is the best one of all

For the sun is low in its apex
and as it shines through the trees to the east
the way it catches the water
provides here a visual feast

So I stood for a moment and shivered
and took in this beautiful scene
grateful for all of the seasons
and the times that here I have been


Photo – the Thames at Kew Bridge, December 2019

Joy to Share II

So here beneath the leafy green
Another day in Kew
I stand beside the River Thames
and see this lovely view
The tide is high, the water deep
The sky with promise there
As through the trees the sun appears
and I have joy to share


Photo – the Thames at Kew, Richmond, Surrey – Jempics

The Wellington

Moored now at the Temple Stairs
where she’s been since forty-eight
The Wellington lies white and proud
A museum ship of late

Rescuing survivors
during World War two
Where she acted as an escort
in the Pacific ocean, blue

But now she lies serene, at rest
In London on the Thames
Where people get historic tours
in parties now and then


The ‘Wellington’ is the last surviving example of a Second World War escort ship in Britain. For most of the war. she carried out convoy escort duties, steaming over 240,000 nautical miles, providing escort to 103 convoys and rescuing some 500 survivors from lifeboats. Since 1948 she’s been moored at Temple Stairs on the Thames and is now owned by ‘The Wellington Trust’. As the HQ of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, she has been renamed ‘HQS Wellington’.

To the river

There are steps to the water
and I don’t know why
Something with meaning
in times now passed by

Perhaps for a boatman
to access his craft
For trade on the river
to board fore and aft

Perhaps for some access
for folk who lived near
and needed to get
to the river right here

Suffice now to say
on this morning in June
it gives me a place
to hum a nice tune

and write down some words
of this place I have found
by the Thames here in Kew
with peace all around



At Kew by the water
The Thames is quite low
It’s still early morning
and the river is slow
Time for respite
and peace by the trees
with only the sound
of birds in the leaves


Flat white to go

Flat white to go
by the Thames in the sun
best way by far
that a day is begun
Watching the river
flow silently by
beneath a pale blue
and promising sky

Waterloo bridge on the
left, and to right
St Paul’s Cathedral
familiar sight
Flat white to go
on London’s South Bank
A few moments respite
with coffee I drank


The Turning II

The Thames at Kew this morning
with trees just on the turn
A warmth still in the early sun
The chill yet to discern
Not that I’m complaining
For balmy days are best
Particularly in the turning
when the summer has a rest



Kew Bridge

I felt like an intruder
at the glory of the dawn
As sun behind the early mist
warmed up the early morn

But the river was embracing
and welcomed me to stay
As Kew awoke to wonder
and another Springtime day



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