The Poet’s echo

There was a moment
part of nighttime and silence
in the small hours when
a whisper sounded like a shout
that thought found substance
and words laid to paper
became the poet’s echo


My best words


There’s a place close by where my best words are found
Sometimes it is close to the sea
But at others it is up on the hills where I walk
And most times where I happen to be
It’s a place of deep soul and of feelings and thought
and emotion wrapped up into one
For me it’s the exuberant quality of life
Born from a love of the sun

It is nature and the wonder of all things around
And the finding of beauty close by
And linking these things to a sequence of words
that I find on a whim and a cry
I am, as a poet, a listener at heart
for life has a whole lot to say
And for me it’s the joy of finding the words
for the poems I write every day


Clarity (haiku)

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.22.54

A poem in hand
has worth beyond measure for
clarity of mind


My haven

This is my haven
this perfect spot
somewhere to lie
when it gets hot
Somewhere to dream
in pensive mood
A place to ponder
which is good

Sounds from other
spots nearby
that neighbours have
to dream and lie
But this is mine
and here I’m king
the perfect place
to aid thinking



I have a blank sheet of paper
It is a canvas for my words
Some are thought provoking
Some confused, absurd

Some paint pictures in the mind
Of sea and sand and sun
Others tell of happy times
And all the things I’ve done

It is a privilege to have
Such a ready source
And something of a travesty
Not to run the course

To pass an opportunity
When the words are in my mind
Is nothing short of scandalous
If not to say, a crime

So with pause for thought and ponder
Coupled with a frown
I’ll take these precious moments
And write my musings down


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