Best Thursday Haiku

And here for Thursday
three lines to herald a day
and wish it the best


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Tri-sedoka VII (Thursday)

And so it's Thursday
another week almost gone
but not to wish time away
I still live each day
to its complete fulfilment
for every day is precious

And so for Thursday
for here is no exception
time once spent to never gain
or recoup again
so I spend it with wisdom
treasuring experience

And now for Thursday
for if you are reading this
and the hour is still early
you have the freedom
to do as I do with time
and use it to gain wisdom


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Sedoka – traditional Japanese verse comprising six non-rhyming lines with a syllabic sequence of 577577

Thursday the third

September, a Thursday
it might shine, it might rain
but one thing’s for certain
that this third again
will not be repeated
it’s a one-off, unique
which we’ll not find again
wherever we seek

So I thought this should capture
in these lines and a word
a small celebration of
this Thursday the third


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Seven days revisited #4 (Thursday)

Thankful for this
Unusually given
Deepens my resolve
And I
Yearn no more


This is 4 of 7 in a series from Jemverse originally published in July 2014

Then it’s Thursday haiku

No. 5 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

And then it’s Thursday
with the smell of roses there
on tomorrow’s air


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Someone said it’s Thursday…

Someone said it’s Thursday
Well that’s just fine by me
‘Cos it means I’ve still got several days
in actuality
And Christmas is notorious
for loosing track of time
I’ve no idea what hour it is
But really, that’s just fine

For I’m relaxed and chilling
on my festive holiday
Time’s lost its importance
which is just as well I’d say
Because the clock just keeps on ticking
but I’m paying no attention
‘Cos someone said it’s Thursday
And time got little mention


For Thursday…

Thankful for this


Unusually given.



Deepens my tan

And I

Yearn no more



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