Rising tide

Watching water
slowly fill
Waves get bigger
bigger still
Beach gets smaller
Sea get wide
Standing here
with rising tide

Skim a pebble
watch it fly
crossing water
bouncing high
Up the shingle
further I
watching here
the rising tide


Photo – Jempics

[Pre-empting the start of a 12-part Jemverse series running between 17 and 28 April – “The Sea series”]

Ebb and Flow

As waters come and go
and change with passing tide
and ebb and flow and flow and ebb
across the oceans wide

So insignificant stand I
so small beside this might
Its grandeur and magnificence
a truly awesome sight


Photo – Jempics

Pink Valerian

Growing wild on Sussex beaches
Pink Valerian provides
Some colour on the shingle
high above the tides
It grows behind the beach huts
and on the shingle too
Quite beautiful in summer
adding to the view
Four hundred years it’s been here
but now grows mainly wild
Most commonly in Sussex
where the climate is quite mild


As above, so below

As above, so here below
blue sky and deep blue sea
The gently turning silent waves
creep up to welcome me
In this place, that sweetest voice
sings out the quiet refrain
as on this shingle here I stand
upon my beach again


Satisfied grin

Sparkling like diamonds
those beads of the sea
shine in the sunshine
and fascinate me
Sitting here on the shingle
as the tide washes in
I am caught in the moment
with a satisfied grin


Every turning tide

Broken by the ocean’s hand
the old lady of the beach
stretches out a long green arm
the sea, once more to reach
Strewn with captured flotsam
from every turning tide
her aged woodwork fractured
she leans now to one side
But she has stood for many years
and there are many more to come
in service as a sea defence
before her days are done


In the eye of the beholder

Discarded flotsam on the beach
brought in by the seas
Left in crevices, caught on rocks
blowing in the breeze
Nets and ropes and driftwood
Nature’s sculpture shared
captured on a fragile beach
intrinsic beauty there
This gallery, this tactile form
on view for one and all
Changing with the moving tide
at its every rise and fall


Home II

Crossing the bridge of a morning
the river reaching down to the sea
With boats there at rest, a reminder
that this is just where I wanted to be

Its meandering tidal waters
change with each ebb and each flow
And with the silver band of the sea out there
there is no place that I’d rather go

This is Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex
and of everywhere else I have known
It has everything I’ve always wanted
so I’m proud to call it my home



Just Walking


Comfort of the ever moving sea
Always waiting there for me
Removes the cobwebs, keeps me free
Just walking on the beach

Familiar the shingle there
Finding things to keep and share
The crunching sound beyond compare
Just walking on the beach

Sunsets on an ebbing tide
Crossing sands remote and wide
Memories there that will abide
Just walking on the beach


Living as an ocean

I can close my eyes and drift away
with sea scent on the air
whilst the cries of seagulls up above
adds a richness there

I can drift away on a summer tide
as it laps up on the shore
floating as it ebbs away
as my mind cries out for more

I can dream a thousand beaches
filled with sun kissed sand
for this is my home, my haven
touched by God’s own hand

I can live close by an ocean
and see it day by day
I can feel it as it reaches me
in more ways than I can say

For I am living as an ocean
with moments there to save
as I live and breathe the movement
that I feel with every wave


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