Home II

Crossing the bridge of a morning
the river reaching down to the sea
With boats there at rest, a reminder
that this is just where I wanted to be

Its meandering tidal waters
change with each ebb and each flow
And with the silver band of the sea out there
there is no place that I’d rather go

This is Shoreham-by-Sea in Sussex
and of everywhere else I have known
It has everything I’ve always wanted
so I’m proud to call it my home



Just Walking


Comfort of the ever moving sea
Always waiting there for me
Removes the cobwebs, keeps me free
Just walking on the beach

Familiar the shingle there
Finding things to keep and share
The crunching sound beyond compare
Just walking on the beach

Sunsets on an ebbing tide
Crossing sands remote and wide
Memories there that will abide
Just walking on the beach


Living as an ocean

I can close my eyes and drift away
with sea scent on the air
whilst the cries of seagulls up above
adds a richness there

I can drift away on a summer tide
as it laps up on the shore
floating as it ebbs away
as my mind cries out for more

I can dream a thousand beaches
filled with sun kissed sand
for this is my home, my haven
touched by God’s own hand

I can live close by an ocean
and see it day by day
I can feel it as it reaches me
in more ways than I can say

For I am living as an ocean
with moments there to save
as I live and breathe the movement
that I feel with every wave


Glimpse of heaven

If I could capture just a little piece
of heaven in a verse
then, by the sunset here last night
I could not, I think, do worse
For, spilling out behind the hills
a golden waterfall of light
which flowed out across the water
to make a truly awesome sight

My words could not do justice
to Nature’s swan song on the rise
so I stood there, insignificant
with tears behind my eyes
The liquid gold on Nature’s canvas
with the ebb tide flowed away
and I caught a glimpse of heaven
at the end of this fine day


On the beach

On the beach near the water
Breakwater’s lee
Watching the waves
of a soft lapping sea
The sun’s playing hide n seek
behind the grey
But it’s muggy and warm
so I’m happy to play

Skimmed a few stones
on the fast rising tide
Encouraged the sunshine
that still wanted to hide
Then back across shingle
with sand in my shoe
To return on the morrow
when the sky’s again blue



Walked along the riverbank
the tide full on the turn
Admiring all the houseboats
moored along the berm

Spanning one hundred ten years plus
their eclectic painted beams
proudly claim the seaward side
of Shoreham life it seems

There are one and forty vessels here
each one with pride of place
With maritime claim on history
Protected here with grace


Pocketful of pebbles

I have a pocket full of pebbles
But some are no longer there
Weighty, they burn a hole and yet
Their tactile pleasure keeps them there. For a while.
My pebbles are selected well
I will see them and feel them and then
When I am sure that one is right
I will add it to the others where it becomes a friend.
My pebbles do not stay for good
Sometimes I discard them. They serve a purpose
For a time they are there within easy reach
And then they are gone, washed away with another tide.


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