We all went up to Bignor Hill
the six of us as one
It wasn’t actually raining
but there wasn’t any sun
Yet none of us we cared one jot
as this was perfect weather
for a long walk in the countryside
the six of us together


Photo – The Croucher tackle the ‘Bignor Hill Circle’ – June 2020 – Jempics

Anticipation II

Anticipation lies waiting
as excitement grows
from the ends of my fingers
to the tips of my toes
And though all my children
are all grown up now
the magic’s stayed with us
and is stronger somehow

It’s particularly precious
for this year that has been
as all six of us share
Yuletide twenty-fifteen
We’re all ready and waiting
anticipation at bay
for the joys that will come
on this Christmas day


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