Summer’s child III

1 of 12 in ‘The Spring series 21’ from Jemverse

With iron chill of winter passed

Summer’s Child is here

to fill with warmth our minds and hearts

around this time of year

Summer’s Child is pure and free

her breath is fresh and new

giving life to grass and tree

as her hands always do

Summer’s Child comes once a year

with exuberance of youth

dispelling winter’s aged guile

replacing lies with truth

Summer’s child will not stay long

she has just one short fling

for as seasons through the years have sung

Summer’s Child is Spring


Photo – Jempics

I know what I am

I know what I am
and I’m comfortable with it
Yes I have regrets
but they’ll not make me fidget
For I am just me
and you get what you get
so it’s probably best
to accept and not fret
And I hope when you find
what being me means
you’ll discover the truth
all’s not what it seems
For in us are hidden
some admirable things
which come to the fore
when life at us sings
And the truth of the wholesome
shines over all
when each of us sees
what life’s really for


Photo – Jempics

Embers II

Embers glowing
breezes blowing
caution throwing
here is youth

Embers glowing
clear the flowing
honest showing
not uncouth

Embers glowing
flicker going
I am knowing
this is truth


Photo – Jempics

Hidden Truth

Fragrance of the harbour
Familiar to me
with salt and oil and pitch and tar
and yes, of course, the sea

Memories of the harbour
treasures from my youth
Those halcyon days that carry
so much hidden truth


Photo – Shoreham Harbour, Sussex – Jempics

Of lions and gulls

In Portsmouth the lions
outside the Guild Hall
sit patiently waiting
and watch over all

They can never of course
leave their posts as that would
disciplinary matters
be as they should

So instead they’re reliant
on gulls playing host
to the messenger service
in from the coast

They’ll speak of the sea
and the to-ing and fro-ing
they see from the sky
wherever they’re going

Of lions and gulls
it’s a partnership thing
which together to us
the truth they will bring


Photo – Jempics

Autumn the wise

In the woods I saw a curtain
hanging from a tree
Really quite significant
It said a lot to me
It spoke of changing seasons
standing side by side
when youth makes ways for wisdom
and Summer turns to hide

The red was of the Autumn
standing next to green
An older man, the next in line
as it has always been
And I smiled at that analogy
for it was so full of truth
The wisdom of the cooler months
and the warmer ones of youth


Summer’s Child

The winter’s shadowy clouds have past

And Summer’s child is here

To warm the cockles of our hearts

And fill our eyes with cheer

Summer’s child is pure and free

Her breath is fresh and new

Her hands give life to grass and tree

Beginning summer true

Summer’s child comes once a year

To give the fields their youth

It follows winter’s furious fear

Dispels its lies with truth

Summer’s child will not stay long

Her life has one short fling

For as seasons through the years have sung

Summer’s child is Spring


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