Excitement builds, anticipation
for this spectacle I’ll see
with Mr Gwilliam, my friend
who will be there with me
We’ve waited now for ages
but the time is here at last
as off to Wembley we both go
for jollies and a blast
Underworld (‘Born Slippy’)
‘Tiny Holes’ and drumming loud
along with several thousand others
we will be there in the crowd


Photo – Underworld at Brighton Dome, 2015. Tonight we catch them at London’s SSE arena in Wembley. [NB – if you know Underworld, you’ll know the context of ‘born slippy’ and ‘tiny holes’; if you don’t, sorry about that, but hopefully the rhyme and syntax still work with the words for you!]


With three thousand other people
At the Dome’s packed concert hall
We in anticipation waited
For the virtual curtain call

We had waited twenty years
To see this favourite band
And feel the rhythm as it grabbed us
And hear the drumming at first hand

And we weren’t disappointed
Underworld were at their best
Doing ‘Cowgirl’, ‘Rez’ and ‘Spoonman’
‘Dirty Epic’ and the rest

Brighton rocked with rhythm
Drums were loud and beat was long
Three thousand people dancing
To that ‘Born Slippy’ song


Underworld , a progressive house/electronic dance band from London, are currently part-way through their UK/European “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” tour. I never got to see them back in the day (late 80’s/early 90’s) but have long wanted to. Last night provided the means when they played Brighton. That’s one more thing ticked off from my bucket list!

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