Good Music

3 of 8 in the Jemverse series ‘Circular Sussex’

It’s been three whole years
since the music was good
and there’s been little change in that time
For last night at the Crown
as the beers went down
the music was vibrant and fine

We played games of pool
then the Uno of course
the same game we started back then
The rules might have changed
and the deck re-arranged
but it’s great to be back here again


Photo – Jempics.(In May 2013, starting our annual walk from Winchester, we started a game of Uno. And never stopped playing it – keeping the scores running every time we go to a pub together. This year we started our walk again from Winchester, so went back to the Crown and Anchor where it all started to continue playing the same game we began three years earlier! Currently our scores are both approaching a quarter of a million points!).

[Every year in May, my brother Dave and I go out for a week’s walking. This year we took in a series of circular walks based around our favourite long-distance trail – the South Downs Way through Hampshire and Sussex]

Walking and Uno

This week accommodation
was booked for us in May
when my brother Dave and I
have our walking holiday
Once more the South Downs beckon
here in Sussex where we live
And we’ll be out there walking
as they have so much to give

We’ll revisit hills we’ve been to
many times before
But it’s always worth returning
as we’re always up for more
And when we’re done with walking
we’ll find a place that’s near
for some hearty conversation
over Uno¹ and a beer


¹ My brother Dave and I have the same game of Uno running (albeit with some of our own rules) which we started three years ago. We play it in the pub throughout the year and every May when we go for a week’s walking. Scores are currently running at 195,249 (me) v 205,184 (Dave)!

Photos – Jempics

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