Today features something quite rare for Jemverse – a repost. But I’ve an ulterior motive, because this is the result of a collaboration with Nadine Jordan of Sacramento for The Neighbourhood’s ‘Cities’ project. It was published on ‘The Public Blogger‘ on 26 July. Mine are the first, third and final stanzas…

[NB – in case you wonder from the title pic below…I’m originally from Bristol!]

Contrasts, a big pond and an affinity

As a rule you will find me
surrounded by green
I’m often the nicest place
you’ll have seen

The winter skies are
blue/grey and bright
The reflection of snow
glimmers by night

I am generally quiet
where peace has a place
I encourage contentment
A feeling of grace

The bustling city noise
brings me alive
People quickly moving
trying to thrive

My buildings are ancient
have seen many years
They capture emotion
of trials and cheers

The Bistros, the clubs
and the music joints
I have so many
I’ll not disappoint

The fragrance in my
environs you’ll find
will foster a spirit
that brings peace of mind

The smog and emissions
fill up the air
But for me it brings comfort
that here I share

And most who live here
will be known by a name
To my rural surroundings
attest and acclaim

Lovers to most
and friends to a few
My urban life, fame
and always anew


©Jem Croucher & Nadine Jordan, 2017

Contrasts, a big pond & and affinity is a collaboration between Jem Croucher (@ Jemverse) and Nadine Jordan of Marysville, California inspired by the Neighbourhood, created by the Public Blogger.


There are boarded up passageways

Where once there were streets

Sticky faced children

On the corner with sweets

Overgrown spaces

Instead of the seats

Gone in the blink of an eye

There’s a housing estate

Where once there were fields

Graffiti covered shops

Clad with old metal shields

Derelict blemishes

For developer’s yield

All gone in the blink of an eye

But there, in the crack

Is a small yellow flower

Rising up, taking over

Breeze blocks cower

And the filthy blemished

Concrete glowers

Life returns in the blink of an eye



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