Waiting still

The sun broke through another day
and found me waiting here
lacklustre in this winter frame
awaiting Springtime cheer
Frustrating as despite the chill
the signs are evident
with green shoots reaching skyward
colour shows its good intent
and yet this lingering chill remains
as sunshine's yellow rays
have yet to seize a hold and bring
a start to warmer days


Photo – Jempics

Not long now

Sunshine in the mirror
Blue up in the sky
reflected in the water
winter hurries by
February receding
March knocks at the door
Spring is quietly waiting
to welcome us once more
Tiny green appearing
it really won’t be long
before we bid goodbye to winter
and sing the springtime song


Springtime in dark corners

Cowering from the winter
Springtime hides away
Hiding in dark corners
through the chill of day
But far from wasting time
a build of confidence begun
which will when time is right
burst out brightly with the sun

It may be hidden in dark corners
but it won’t be there for long
Because the winter it is waning
as it hears the Springtime song
A change it is a-coming
sunshine is biding time
Soon the shadow days will pass
and give way to ones quite fine


Waiting II

Precarious position
he sits there patiently
waiting as the world outside
passes by him silently
Entering his twilight years
his hearing lost to time
he may be going senile
but his eyesight is just fine
And although he’s slowing down
he knows his people still
so always waits for their return
by the front room windowsill


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