Ferring Gorse

Went for a wander on Mother’s Day
Down on Ferring Gorse
(In view of the chill if was quite brief)
But the beach looked nice of course

Took the dogs in their new coats
(They didn’t mind a bit)
Whereas we just shivered, watched the sea
Then got back out of it

Found a rock shaped like a skull
(Holly took it home)
Took some pics of dogs and stuff
And selfies on the phone

Breathed in deep the frigid air
Gazed out to the sea
Trudged a bit in the wet sand
Then home for cake and tea


Walking Sussex 1

Today we walked from Ring to Ring beneath a leaden sky

The sun shone bright despite the threat of rainfall by and by

Plans long laid, fruition saw a walk unlike no other

With smile and gusto Crouchers went, friends yes, but also brothers

Cissbury came and Cissbury went, rain followed sun with thunder

But in between the blue skies came and Chanctonbury wonder

Thirteen miles of Sussex hill, more on the morrow too

The weather promising much less rain and some good high pressure too.


©Jemverse (12 May 2014)



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