Ticking the box

Walked a circle round the airport
the rain was in the air
and it was fairly windy
but we loved being there
The three of us and Wolfgang
ten thousand steps then home for tea
is always going to tick the box
in Shoreham by the sea


Photo – Shoreham from the Airport floodbank – Jempics


I’ll not hang my boots

Never will I hang my boots
at least not yet a while
for there's plenty more out there
I know to bring a smile
and whilst my best foot forward
is still something I can
I'll ride on Shanksey's Pony*
at least that's now the plan

Being out there on the hills
or walking on the beach
is something that I love to do
with both in easy reach
So it's really a no-brainer
and if truth be told
I'd be out there every day
in wind and rain and cold

Sometimes though the hardy
in me simply isn't there
so on those days I'll write instead
and of my walking share
For whether I am there outside
or within with poet's voice
there's plenty in this land to see
and in that fact rejoice


Photo – Sally Croucher [Dog – Wolfgang]

*Shanksey’s Pony – is an old-English colloquialism (derived from the name for the lower part of the leg of a horse) used to refer to one’s own legs and the action of walking as a means of conveyance


Seven Sisters, South Downs Way
high up on Short Brow
looking back to Cuckmere Haven
the sun before me now
Perfect walks were made for this 
and breathing deep the air
I laughed aloud with thankfulness
for simply being there


Photo – the view of the Cuckmere Haven river valley from the top of Short Brow, Seven Sisters, South Downs Way, Sussex – Jempics

Time for a wander

It's been a while since I wandered out in the land
that Sussex affords in its landscape so grand
so today in my boots with my compass in hand
I ventured out there again

The sunshine was warm in an Autumn blue sky
with occasional clouds floating lazily by
so with inclemency low and good weather high
I ventured out there again

And the time that I had on the meadow and hill
did my heart proud and will stay with me still
pending the moment I'll again need to fill
when I venture out there again


Photo – Sally Croucher

In the autumn now

October shadow, Obi's field
in the heart of Sussex Weald
barely was the warmth concealed
in the autumn now

Walked a mile around the place
felt again familiar grace
with the sunshine on my face
in the autumn now

Obi ran, he always does
round in circles there because
this is how he gets his buzz
in the autumn now

Spent up there our usual hour
underneath the oaken bower
turning trees above us tower
in the autumn now


Photo – Jempics

This Sussex I admire

Ah, these temperate moments
when, up on the South Downs Way
I look up to the paths I've trod
on a fine autumnal day

Yes, the warmth of ambiance that
summer brings may just
have passed its swansong now
to the fading days in trust

But a vestige of its spirit clings
and sets my soul on fire
full of the joy this vista gives
this Sussex I admire


Photo – the start of the ‘Seven Sisters’ from Cuckmere Haven beach, East Sussex – Jempics

Reversing the loop

Six miles and thirteen thousand steps
reversed, the loop's still fine
as this quite pleasant circuit
is something wholly mine
Takes around two hours
with a few stops in between
to savour once again the views
amongst the best I've seen
For this is Sussex and my home
we share a synergy
taking full advantage of
each other's company


Photo – Jempics


These chalky trails on Sussex loam
in these green hills above my home
are quite the best so many times
I will return as they are mine
and with a joy I'll shout aloud
this is my Sussex and I'm proud


Photo – Jempics

Back to the loop

It was back to the loop
with a whim and a way
as the sun was quite warm
on this late April day
and I was on leave
and the hills were all green
and the chalk of the trail
is the best I have seen
so I put best foot forward
with this walk 'cos it's there
reacquainting myself
with this pleasure to share


Photo – The South Downs looking west from Mill Hill, West Sussex (start of Jem’s 6-mile loop) – Jempics

Summer in April

At the end of April, summer
made an early show of hand
as the sun shone warm on Sussex
fair across this pleasant land
So I put a best foot forward
took advantage with no shame
once more into the hedgerow
bordered pathways, trails and lane
Exploring parts of Sussex
I had never been before
in this lovely springtime sunshine
as that's just what it is for


Photo – Jempics

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