Snow and me

It wasn’t very nice
in my field this week you know
Cos my paws felt very cold
in some white stuff they call snow

I had a double layer
(my red jumper and a coat)
but my paws still feel the cold
(I’m just saying, make a note)

Of course I’d never let them know
Cos this place it is the best
as I can get to run around
for ages without rest

It’s muddy now and squelchy
but the paths I find are dry
and my humans never seem to mind
as I go running by

But this cold stuff takes the biscuit
and I’m not keen I’ll have you know
even though my humans
seem to really love the snow


Photo – snow on ‘Obi’s field’ – Jempics


I think my favourite time of day
is evening, as that’s when
the tall one comes and takes me out
for walkies now and then

I have a special harness
and a yellow coloured lead
Health and safety all important
so to both I pay due heed

I’ll take a walk around the block
trotting by his side
And sometimes to the beach or hills
with him there as my guide

And always when we get back home
to have a little rest
I’ll thank him with a lick and wag
as he’s the very best


Photo – “Obi wan Kinobi” on one of his evening walkies – Jempics

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