We dream of yellow

In the gun-metal grey of midwinter
When cold grips vice-like
and, huddled in blankets
we stay cocooned in the warmth
of a fruitcake and hot tea afternoon
and dream of yellow


Summer in a tin

Streaming through the window
sunshine fills the place
Feet up on coffee table
warmth upon my face

It’s freezing cold outside
but warm and cozy here
It’s what I need on days like this
to keep me in good cheer

It’s like I have been painted
with summer from a tin
To keep me topped up through the winter
and retain my sunshine grin




Indicative of summer
the springtime grows and grows
It’s getting warmer by the day
as only April knows

The light has changed, it’s brighter now
And the days are longer too
More growing time much needed
bringing colours into view

The monochrome of winter fades
replaced by green and yellow
And the warming of the sunshine leaves
me feeling nice and mellow


[A-Z April – day 9 – #I]


Woke up to streaming sun
through curtains tightly drawn
threw them wide and welcomed
a shiny springtime morn

Felt the sunshine warming
there upon my brow
squinting, waved a welcome
for it won’t be that long now

Sat out in a deckchair
sheltered from the breeze
revelling in the warming rays
a blanket on my knees

Yes, I guess I am impatient
I want the summer to be here
I’m fed up with lingering winter
And I’m in need of shiny cheer




And I’ll tell you another thing
And this is quite good
And it has a good ending
And it’s right that it should

And there is still a chill
And it’s still hanging on
And I think it is going
And it won’t now be long

And then we’ll have summer
And I will be free
And the days will be longer
And I’ll return to the sea

And the flowers will blossom
And the trees will be green
And the sun will be warm
And be the best it has been


Jim-jams day

Jim-jams day
Warm inside
Out there people
Slip and slide

Ice on windows
Ice on grass
All are wearing
Hats and scarves

Inside we though
Warm as toast
Sloth-like smile
And make the most

Jim-jams days
They are the best
Perfect when
You need a rest


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