Underneath; the undertow

I always pictured quite a monster
lurking down below
Beneath the waves just waiting
but for what I didn’t know
And I never, ever saw it
though I was often in the sea
So I know one thing for certain
– it never bothered me

Underneath; the undertow
My Mother always said
A warning to us youngsters
with stern face and look of dread
It scared the living daylights
out of us, yet all the same
We loved the sea so much
that the fear we overcame

Yet ever mindful of that warning
there are times when I reflect
That the sea with all its beauty
still deserves all due respect
The sea and me are kindred
and the ocean’s in my heart
But I’ll always heed the warning
I was given at the start


Day 21 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

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