Writing 101: day 17 – “Wasps”

I’ve always wondered what’s the point

Of wasps, the horrid things

With their intrusive little buzzing ways

And their nasty little stings

I’ve got used to Bumbles and even bees

(except when in a swarm)

But I do so hate those waspy things

When it’s nice outside and warm

Why can’t they all just go away

And leave me well alone

‘Cos when they’re out there buzzing round

I’ll just stay at home



Writing 101, day 17 – “Your personality on the page” – What are you scared of? Address one of your worst fears. If you’re up for a twist, write this post in a style that’s different from your own.

Addressing my worst fear – wasps – is enough for me I think; forget the twist.

Wish I could say the same of wasps!

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